Last motorcycle on earth, Pass Bagging, New HD CEO, Buying a motorcycle now, Chain Slack and the Bond Scrambler
May 26, 2020
I'm going to lose my mind if I can't go out for a decent ride soon. I've been doing short rounds around the neighborhood, but it's simply not enough anymore. After months of being cooped up without seeing anyone else but my family, I need some 'away' time with friends... get out on the twisties... have a few beers and laughs in the evening... reset my mind!!!
As quite a number of countries have started relaxing COVID-19 measures, some of you might have already been able to do this. Some countries are even back to normal as it seems. Good for you guys!!! I can only hope that other countries will be able to follow soon and that a 'next wave' will have less consequences for motorcycling life.
In this issue of Moto Intel Report Jasper, Tom and I (three Dutch guys living in Mexico) are not-so-patiently awaiting the moment that Mexico gets back to normal. Unfortunately it looks like that might be a little while longer :(
To quench our motorcycling thirst, we've been reading and writing about motorcycles and are sharing that with you here. Tom found that dealers are going the extra mile to try and sell you a motorcycle during this pandemic, Jasper spiritually 'escaped' lock down with a nice ride report through nevada and california and tells us about the 'Bond' scrambler, while I scoured the motorcycle internets curating and filtering articles which I think you might enjoy. And of course there's our regular Scenic News and User Pic of the week categories. 
So now, without further ado, let’s get rolling...


"How do we protect the history and legacy of petroleum powered transportation culture as vehicles go electric and atonomous in the coming years?" "We wanted to think about what that transition might look like and what would happen if people pushed back" . These are quotes from the "Last motorcycle on earth" trailer. The full series is available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand. An interesting movie to say the least and a great way to kill some time during this pandemic.
Todd Devito took a Silver Fox and a Flying Purple People Eater on a trip called Pass Bagging in Nevada and California. His report of the trip to Lake Tahoe on a Honda ST1300A and a BMW R1150 RT-P is hilarious and I had a great time reading it. I recommend you have a look here.
Motorcycle brands and dealers are facing tough times during the pandemic, and in many countries, sales have collapsed completely. Challenging times, however, demand creative solutions, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now with brands going the extra mile to try and sell you a motorcycle. Read more...
New Harley-Davidson CEO is 'rewiring' the company
If you read any motorcycle related news the past two weeks, you probably saw Fortnine's video on 'How Harely-Davidson Killed Itself'. With 12,000+ comments it's a controversial video to say the least. Near the end of the video Ryan mentions the new CEO; the German, Jochen Zeitz. MotorBikeWriter did an excellent writeup on Zeitz' "Rewire" strategy, which entails, amongst others, delaying the Bronx and Pan America, focussing more on heritage and exclusivity. The verdict is not out yet though. This investment focussed article on Harley Davidson, by the Motley Fool isn't so sure about  'rewiring'. 
Motorcycle chain slack checking, while not as easy as checking oil or tire pressure, is still very important to do regularly. If it's too loose, adjusting the chain tension is also relatively easy to do yourself. With this instruction video of the MC Garage and some regular DIY tools, I was able to do it in less than an hour. 
The Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition was priced at $18,500, a premium of $3,100 over the regular Scrambler 1200 XE, and it sold out as soon as they announced it.
What's going on with Scenic
End of last season Scenic 2 was released. Some of you only noticed now while getting ready for your first ride this season. But, Scenic 2 is not the only thing that changed. There is a better and searchable support page, also available in German now, a support forum, an android version is in development and I'm releasing an App update through the iOS App Store every month or so. These updates contain bug fixes, but also new features and enhancements to existing features. If you're interested in what those are, have a look at the 'Version History' on the Scenic App Store page. In short, Scenic is moving forward!
User pics of the Week
The Great Empty - Part 3
I asked you to share some pics of the empty world if you got the chance. Here is part 3 of some of the pics that you sent in.
- Bottom centre is Todd and his friend's BMW F800GT and Harley Sportser near Karatsu Japan not far from Fukuoka city on the island of Kyushu. Japan has been in voluntary lockdown for about 8 weeks now.
- The lower right picture is from Ed, in the North Georgia mountains around the Blairsville area. The bike is a new BMW G310GS that he just bought to ride the fire roads around his area.
- Top middle and top right pictures were sent in by Patrick. It features his own HD CVO limited hauling tractor tires and magnum sized bottles of wine, and his wife's HD Deluxe, packing 75 pounds of luggage. 
- The three pictures on the left were sent in by Parrish. It's in the St. Augustin - Florida surroundings. The beach in the lower left pictures would never have been vacant in normal times.
What's your most beautiful / funny / crazy motorcycle pic? Share it with us and it might be featured in the next Moto Intel Report. As many send pictures to us, we can't feature them all, so we dedicated a page on the Scenic Blog with all crazy / funny / beautiful Motorcycle Pics!
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