Scenic in 30 seconds, The Zero SR/S, Contemplating bad motorcycling decisions, The Scenic Forum, Drama and action in the British motorcycle industry and more...
Feb 28, 2020
Are you getting the jitters with spring and good riding weather around the corner? I know we are! This week we started planning our first motorcycle weekend of the year and we can't wait for it to start!

In this issue of Moto Intel Report Jasper helps you brush up your riding skills for the new season, Tom, a true petrol head, ventures out into the electric world (again) and I reflect on all the things I did wrong as a starting motorcyclist. Next to that we have drama and action in the British motorcycle industry, some exciting Scenic news and... a motorcycle in a box.


Tips for Newbies
On a cold afternoon I was contemplating what I did wrong after getting my motorcycle licence. I decided to write it all down!
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Scenic in 30 seconds
This video was a long time in the making. At least in my dreams. Finally it came true. A big thank you to Greg, the creator of this video!

Feel free to send it to anyone who might be interested!
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The new Zero SR/S
Zero has teased this motorcycle for a while, giving away almost nothing on specs, design or purpose, but last week, it finally unveiled the SR/S.
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Refresher: 5 Best Practices for Riding Motorcycles
Spring weather is about to breach, seducing us to scratch that riding 'itch'. No better time to brush up our motorcycle riding skills.
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The Norton Drama
It's, as the Brits would say, a bloody shame what's happening with Norton Motorcycles at the moment. Too bad that such an iconic, 122 year old brand has to come to an end like this. 
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Triumph has 'No Time to Die'
Unlike Norton, Triumph has 'No Time To Die'. In this poster of the soon to be released Bond movie, James is seen riding the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC (or is it the XE?). 
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The all new Scenic Forum
Since Wednesday the Scenic Forum is live: the online community for Scenic users and motorcyclists of all sorts, where you can discuss about Scenic, Routes, Epic Rides, Motorcycle Maintenance, Gadgets & Gear.. and more.
As the forum is brand new it’s still quite empty in there. But with your help that will change over time I’m sure!
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Motorcycle in a Box
This guy got the cheapest motorcycle he could find... from Amazon! Is it any good?
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User pic of the Week
Rosco and Bosco
This pic was sent in by Brian. It shows Rosco and Bosco, enjoying a short ride on Brian's 2002 Honda Goldwing. Don't worry, no dog got hurt while shooting this foto. Since Rosco and Bosco don't have a helmet, Brian kept the pace very low and only rode inside their gated community in Indio, California. Thanks for sharing this picture with us Brian!
What's your most beautiful / funny / crazy motorcycle pic? Share it with us and it might be featured in the next Moto Intel Report. As many send pictures to us, we can't feature them all, so we dedicated a page on the Scenic Blog with all crazy / funny / beautiful Motorcycle Pics!
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